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Mr. Gopal Amin, 

Promoter- Banyan


Director - SLK Group

 Gopal Amin is a member of the Board of Directors of the SLK Group  since 2000. The SLK Group is engaged in Consulting, Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing needs. He is the President of SLK ITES Pvt. Ltd., the Business Process Outsourcing firm  in the group, providing back office services for the Mortgage Lenders in the US and the UK.  A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Inst, MA, he served as the Managing Director of Kirloskar Copeland, a $50 million Indo-US joint venture, for seven years, prior to setting up the SLK Group. He  continues to provide seed funding, develop strategy, facilitate  strategic  alliances  for long term success


Green Energy Simplified

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Go Green & Save Money

Over the last several years the world has depended on Government Subsidies and Carbon Market Mechanisms to go green. The rate of temperature rise of the planet and wide spread floods, hurricanes, droughts and suffering of people  -- points to a scenario, in which corporations and individuals need to take lead and go green and reduce their own carbon footprint without waiting for the subsidies and market mechanisms. In the pages in this website attempt is being made to help you find solutions to go green on your own.

Selecting your Green Technology Options

Each of the Green Technologies or Solutions need to be evaluated from the following standpoints. Whether it can be adopted by the markets without Government Subsidies or Carbon Market Mechanisms. Whether it provides a convenient and practical alternative to the main stream solutions or sources. Whether it is scalable and economical for adoption. Whether it has success stories else where in the world or whether it has replication potential for other developing countries.

Solar Energy - Can Save Our Planet

Solar Energy has achieved Grid Parity, meaning it is cheaper than the electricity supplied by the Utilities, Distribution Companies or Electricity Boards as commonly called in India. Financial savings are a very strong reason for you to go Solar and se more to find out your benefits. Energy cost savings from an idling roof could be Rs 1800 - 3800 per square feet for Industrial and commercial clients. In India Solar Energy is getting interest without too much of subsidy for Industrial and commercial clients. Germany and USA are also good examples and leaders in Solar Energy adoption. Solar Energy does seem to be very relevant for African sub continent with very high energy prices. It would be reasonable to conclude that Solar is now a practical way to Go green which is economical and save our planet.

Green Fuels has Huge Potential

Green Fuels are a result of crop residues from Cotton, Soya, Palm, Rice, Sugar Cane, Red Gram etc and are being effectively used by a very large range of consumers in smokeless cook stoves, food industry, power plants and cement plants to replace coal and go green. Green Fuels are also being used for making of second generation ethanol or biofuel and can now be used to replace expensive petrol made from imported crude oil.


Mr. Nityanand J. Agrawal

CEO & Managing Director

He has served as Head of Technology development  & Corporate Quality, @Kirloskar Copeland (now Emerson Climate Technologies). Prior to that, he has served in Product Engineering & New Products @ Eicher Motors Limited. Over 22 years experience in Automotive and Engineering Industry and 11 years as Entrepreneur in the fields of Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Alternate Fuels. He brings with him diverse Industry Experience to help you with your challenges in areas of Carbon Foot printing, Engineering, Technology Planning & Selection, Quality Improvements, Six Sigma, Climate Change, Environmental Risks, Creating Green Supply Chain, Creating New Businesses.

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A Universal Pact is Possible



Mr. Sanjay Jindal



Sanjay Jindal is  the Director of Banyan Environmental Innovations Private, Limited & is CFO. Banyan Environmental Innovations Private Limited is engaged in developing CDM projects for  Energy Efficiency sector. Banyan  is  developing   several  projects  with  multi million  carbon  credits and  has  made very  significant  progress in  its  CDM projects  development  with several  of  the  Electricity Distribution Companies across 5 states of India. During his 12 years stint in manufacturing sector, he  has  successfully  created consistent growth for Western India Forgings Limited, ( ),  through acquisitions and preparing WIFL for a private and public offering.   Sanjay is currently involved in identifying and partnering / joint venturing with companies that add value to forgings.