Banyan Environmental Innovations (P) Limited

Simple, Hassle Free Approach to Green Compliance

Green Energy Simplified


We aggregate, chip, process and bale biomass to meet your process, Industrial scale requirements.


Banyan has developed solutions and validated them for replacing coal by crop residues from crops like Red Gram/ Arhar/ Tuar and Cotton.


A total of over 6100 tons has been successfully supplied by Banyan & used by Large Cement Makers.


We would develop crops residue processing units to suit your requirements of your boiler, power plant, kilns and deliver crop residues on a reliable basis.


Reliable Delivery of Biomass is Ensured by our Operations in last four years.


Banyan is also providing its Consultancy Services, Innovations & IPR to help you set up your own low cost supply chain for reliable delivery of biomass across India.



Banyan has supplied over 1850 tons of chipped Red Gram or Tuar Stalk and successfully replaced coal in Cement Kilns.

Banyan is ready to supply Baled Sugar caneTrash with low moisture and high Net Calorific Values Reported by Client Test Laboratories.

Banyan has supplied over 486 tons of chipped cotton stalk to successfully replace coal in Cement Kiln.

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